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Probation review form template

This serves as a guide to some of the areas which may require clarification to foster a conclusive evaluation of performance since the appointment of an individual to a particular position.

This is a two way interview where both parties must fully express themselves and ensure that the other gains a clear and understanding of what is being said.

Understanding whether the employee fits in to the culture of the organisation is vital, so it is recommended that an assessment of their performance against Core Values is also reviewed.

Probation review

Line manager:  
Review date:  


  • Comment on knowledge of responsibilities and expertise
  • How is the appointee’s performance rated against:
    • Competencies demonstrated during interviews which prompted their appointment
    • The role profile issued at the start of employment
    • Objectives set at the start of employment.
Working environment:
  • Is the environment in which they work suitable for them (seating/lighting/equipment etc.)
  • Do they have any issues/difficulties travelling to/from work.
  • Was the induction into the company, team and role comprehensive enough?
  • Are there any areas that need clarification or may need to be enhanced for the benefit of future appointees; either in the company at large, immediate team or that specific role?

Performance against [Company's] Core Values:

(Supplant the following examples for ones that relate to your organisation)

  • H&S training completed
  • Near misses reported
  • Accidents

The full Probation review form template will be available once purchased.

Reviewed 22 January 2022

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