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Redundancy consultation first meeting invitation letter template

Individuals provisionally selected should be consulted before any final decision is made.

Prior to any consultation meeting you should send all employees who have been provisionally selected for redundancy a letter inviting them to a meeting. This letter also details the background and rationale for the proposal(s), the summary of proposal(s), the potential implications for the employee and the method of selection.


Redundancy consultation first meeting invitation

[Sender name]

[Sender address]


[Recipient name]

[Recipient address]

Dear [Recipient first name],

Re: Proposed (change e.g. merger of...)

I refer to our informal discussions on [date(s)] [and the briefing on [date]] regarding the above proposal(s). I write to confirm that this letter marks the beginning of a [number of days] day period of formal consultation with staff affected by the proposal(s). This period of consultation will end on [date].

I am writing to explain how the proposed change(s) will affect you, and to invite you to submit any comments or questions you may have on the method of implementing the new structure, or on your own personal situation. I am conscious of how important it is to use the insight and suggestions of those directly involved in this [area/ service/ discipline] to inform and refine my plans and I would welcome therefore, any comments or suggestions you have. Your feedback can be given directly to me or HR Services.

Background and rationale for the proposal(s)

[Briefly summarise reason for change]

Summary of proposal(s)

[Briefly summarise proposal].[I attach a copy of the consultation document and draft job descriptions for your information.]

Implications for your post

Unfortunately, the effect of the proposal(s) is that your current post as [Job Title of employee] will cease to exist and I must advise you that you are at risk of redundancy.[ You will however be invited to apply for posts in the new structure and have been ring fenced against [Job title of post ring fenced to]. I enclose copies of the draft Job Descriptions for your information.

If you wish to apply for more t

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9 March 2021


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