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Our Apprenticeship Agreement Template ensures legal compliance, clarity, and mutual understanding between apprentices and employers.

An apprenticeship agreement is signed by the employer and apprentice before the start of the programme and outlines key details about the apprenticeship.

What is this template for?

An apprenticeship agreement is a legally binding contract between an employer and an apprentice that outlines the terms and conditions of their training arrangement. It sets out the roles and responsibilities of both parties, as well as the expectations and obligations that each must meet during the apprenticeship.

The agreement typically covers the length of the apprenticeship, the training program, the skills and knowledge the apprentice is expected to acquire, the wages and benefits the apprentice will receive, and the hours of work and time off the apprentice is entitled to.

Apprenticeship agreements are often used in skilled trades such as plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry, but they can also be used in other industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and IT. The goal of the apprenticeship is to provide the apprentice with on-the-job training and practical experience, while also ensuring that the employer receives a skilled and knowledgeable employee who meets the company's needs.

  • Apprenticeship law: Employers must comply with the law regarding apprenticeships and traineeships. This includes ensuring that the apprenticeship meets the minimum requirements for duration, training and assessment, and that the apprentice is enrolled onto an approved apprenticeship programme.

  • National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage: Employers must pay apprentices the National Minimum Wage (NMW) or National Living Wage (NLW), depending on their age and length of service. The current NMW rates for apprentices are based on their age and stage of their apprenticeship.

  • Working Time Regulations: Employers must comply with the Working Time Regulations, which set out the maximum working hours, rest breaks and holidays that employees are entitled to. Apprentices are entitled to the same rest breaks and holidays as other employees.

  • Equality Act: Employers must not discriminate against apprentices on the basis of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. This includes ensuring that apprentices have access to the same opportunities, training and development as other employees.

  • Health and Safety: Employers must ensure that the workplace is safe and that apprentices are protected from harm. This includes providing appropriate training, protective equipment and adequate supervision.

  • Employment Rights: Apprentices are entitled to employment rights such as sick pay, annual leave, notice periods and redundancy pay, just like other employees. Employers must ensure that their apprenticeship agreement complies with these rights.

Workflow sequence

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Apprenticeship agreement template
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Implementation timeline

Step Description Responsibility Timing
1 Identify eligible employee for apprenticeship agreement. HR Ongoing Monitoring
2 Prepare the Apprenticeship Agreement document. HR Before Start Date
3 Review and finalise the agreement, ensuring compliance. HR, Legal Before Start Date
4 Provide the agreement to the employee for review and signing. HR Before Start Date
5 File a copy of the signed agreement in the employee's record. HR After Signing

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apprenticeship agreement template

Apprenticeship agreement

Parties' details

Name of apprentice: [ ].

Name of employer: [ ] (the "organisation").

Date of commencement and termination of employment

Your employment commenced on [ ] and [no employment with a previous employer counts/your previous employment with [ ] counts] as part of a period of continuous employment.

The duration of this agreement will be [expected length to complete the apprenticeship]. Therefore, your employment will end without further notice on [ ], unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with the written statement of particulars of employment.

You acknowledge that continuation of this agreement is subject to the organisation continuing to receive funding for completion of the apprenticeship framework. In the event that the funding ends, the agreement will be terminated in accordance with the notice provisions in clause [ ] of the written statement of particulars of employment.

Apprenticeship details

You will be employed as an apprentice in connection with the following qualifying apprenticeship framework and level: [ ].

The skill, trade or occupation for which you are being trained is [ ].

The training provider is [ ]. The organisation reserves the right at its discretion to change the training provider.

Your duties

You are required to undertake the work set out in your job description and the duties set out in your [training plan]. The job description and [training plan] do not form part of your contract of employment.

You will report to [name] or such other person as the organisation nominates from time to time. You will be mentored by [name] or such other person as the organisation nominates from time to time, who will guide you through your [training plan].

During your apprenticeship, you will attend regularly for training at [ ] or such other place as the organisation notifies you from time to time. The expected pattern of training will be [insert details of day/block release] for a period commencing [date training begins] until [date training is expected to end] in addition to attendance for assessments as part of your apprenticeship framework. On days during which you would normally be expected to attend training, but the training provider has asked you not to attend (for example because of annual shutdown) you will be expected to attend your place of employment.

If you cannot attend a training session because of sickness or injury you must, unless there is a good reason to the contrary, advise [name] of the reason for non-attendance by 9.30am. A failure properly to report sickness that prevents you from attending a class, or otherwise any unauthorised absence from class, will be viewed as a disciplinary offence and may lead the organisation to take disciplinary action against you.

You are required, at the organisation's request, to provide evidence of your attendance at training courses and all records and results connected with your training.

During a period of block release you are required to keep in contact with [name] on a [weekly/monthly] basis by [telephone/email].

Remuneration and benefits

Your salary amounts to £[ ] per annum. Your entitlement to salary accrues on a daily basis payable monthly in arrears on [the last day of the month].

You will be paid for the time you attend training as part of your apprenticeship framework. The training that forms part of your apprenticeship framework is [set out details of training that is related to the apprenticeship framework, including training during and outside of normal working hours].

[You will be eligible to take part in the organisation's bonus scheme, details of which will be provided to you by your manager, subject to the satisfactory completion of your probationary period in accordance with clause [ ] of the written statement of particulars of employment.]

The organisation is authorised to deduct any sums due to it from you from your salary.

Cost of training

The organisation agrees to pay the course fees of the training provider for the training related to the apprenticeship framework. It is understood that the training will cost [insert details].

[The organisation agrees to meet the cost of purchasing [insert details, eg textbooks and materials] that are required to complete the training course. You must contact [name] to agree the purchase before making any commitment to buy the items.]

[Study time

In addition to being absent from work to attend training, you are permitted to be absent for [ ] days [per year] for the purpose of studying for examinations/assessments. The days should be agreed in advance with your manager.]

Unacceptable behaviour

If the organisation is made aware by the training provider or other source that you are not attending the training sessions, are behaving inappropriately during training sessions, or are otherwise behaving in an unacceptable manner in connection with your training, it may take disciplinary action against you. In serious cases, this may include dismissal.

Exchange of information with the training provider

By signing this agreement you give consent to the organisation exchanging information about you with the training provider and other relevant organisations for the purpose of facilitating and monitoring your training.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales in relation to it.


Please sign and return the attached copy of this agreement to indicate your acceptance of its terms. If you have any questions about the meaning of any clause, please do not hesitate to contact [ ].

Apprentice's signature: 

Manager's signature on behalf of the organisation:

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