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Use this model letter to inform an employee that they will be required to repay the cost of sponsored training were they to leave employment within a period of time after the training is complete.

You have the option to 'split' the cost, or commit to pay the full amount. Depending on which, update the appropriate wording.

This document is suitable for use in England & Wales and Scotland, and was last reviewed and revised on 4 July 2022

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Training cost repayment agreement

[Company name]

[Sender address]


[Recipient name]

[Recipient address]

Dear [Recipient first name],

Further to your request to pursue training on the [name of course], I am pleased to inform you that [Company] will contribute toward the cost of the training. The minimum contribution from [Company] will be £[amount] per academic year for the duration of the training, and the maximum amount that you will be required to pay is £[amount] per academic year for the duration of the training. The contribution from you will be required to be paid to [Company] by bank transfer no later than [14 | 30] days after the payment of the course to the [College | University]. A review will be held on an annual basis to determine whether the business is able to increase its level of financial support to you for each academic year.

You will appreciate that the cost of the training is substantial and the organisation will need to recoup the cost of the training if you leave employment of your own accord (either by resignation or voluntary redundancy) or during the training during a specified period after the training has ended.

The organisation will require you to enter into an agreement to the effect that you repay the training costs on a sliding scale. This means that, if you resign during the training or within [3 | months] months of the date of completion of your training, you will be required to repay the full cost of the training.

Following this period, the amount that you will be r

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