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An HR budget template is a tool for creating a detailed plan of an organisation's HR expenses and revenues to manage costs and allocate resources effectively.

What is this form for?

The purpose of an HR budget template is to provide a structured approach to managing an organisation's human resources costs and resources. It helps HR managers to plan and allocate their resources effectively and efficiently, and to ensure that the organisation's HR function is financially sustainable.

An HR budget template can also help to identify areas where costs can be reduced or where additional resources are required, enabling HR managers to make informed decisions and manage their budget more effectively.

Additionally, it can provide a framework for monitoring and evaluating the HR department's performance against its financial targets, and can be used to communicate budgetary information to senior management and other stakeholders.


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hr budget form template

HR Budget

Year: [insert year]

Item Cost Notes
Recruitment £[insert cost] This includes advertising, background checks, and any fees associated with using recruitment agencies.
Training and Development £[insert cost] This includes the cost of training programs, conferences, workshops, and any materials or supplies needed.
Compensation and Benefits £[insert cost] This includes salaries, bonuses, incentives, and any benefits offered to employees, such as healthcare or retirement plans.
Employee Relations £[insert cost] This includes the cost of managing employee relations, such as the cost of employee surveys or employee assistance programs.
Compliance £[insert cost] This includes the cost of compliance with employment laws and regulations, such as legal fees or audits.
HR Information Systems £[insert cost] This includes the cost of any HR information systems, such as software or hardware, and any maintenance or upgrades required.
Total £[insert total cost]  

Note: This budget is an estimate and may change depending on the needs of the organization. It is important to regularly review and adjust the budget as needed to ensure that it is aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization.

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