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Termination documents

Confidentiality document templates

Confidentiality, or not disclosing certain information, is important in a wide range of jobs.

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Notification of confidentialty agreement letter template

This letter can be sent to a former employee's new Company to notify them that the employee is obliged to not share confidential information with them.

Reviewed 1 Apr 2021

Reminder of confidentiality agreement letter template

 This letter is used to remind a former employee where it is believed that they may be sharing confidential information obtained from you.

Reviewed 1 Apr 2021

Restrictive covenant enforcement letter template

Contracts of employment for senior and sales roles often include restrictive covenants governing a former employee's behaviour after employment has ended.

If a Company suspects that a former employee is acting in breach of those restrictive covenants, then the next step is for the Company to send a letter to remind them of their ongoing obligations. If the letter does not have the desired effect it may be necessary to take legal action.

This letter sets out details of the alleged breach and asks the ex-employee to give a written undertaking that they will not breach the restrictive covenants. The letter warns that legal action may be taken if this written undertaking is not received by a specified date.

Reviewed 1 Nov 2021
Termination template pack

Termination template pack

Unlimited downloads of all 3 Confidentiality document templates in this pack, plus everything else in the Termination template pack for 12 months.

Health and Safety documents

It is the duty of care of every employer to maintain the health and safety of each employee.

Grievance documents

Grievances may be concerned with a wide range of issues, including the allocation of work, the working environment or conditions, the lack of opportunities for career development or the way in which someone has been managed.

Performance appraisal documents

Performance Appraisals or Performance Reviews as sometimes they are known are an individual plan for each employee.

Job creation documents

Before you commence the process or recruiting a candidate, there are some housekeeping tasks to complete so that the role is fully understood, the right stakeholders are selected, and the role is appropriately signed off.