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Termination document package

Confidentiality document library

3 templates

The purpose of confidentiality is to identify the rules that must be observed by employees who have access to person-identifiable information or confidential information.

All employees need to be aware of their responsibilities for safeguarding confidentiality and preserving information security.

🗋 Notification of confidentialty agreement letter template ➜

This letter can be sent to a former employee's new Company to notify them that the employee is obliged to not share confidential information with them.

🗋 Reminder of confidentiality agreement letter template ➜

This letter is used to remind a former employee where it is believed that they may be sharing confidential information obtained from you.

🗋 Restrictive covenant enforcement letter template ➜

This letter sets out details of an alleged breach and asks the ex-employee to give a written undertaking that they will not breach the restrictive covenants.