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Termination Redundancy Redundancy confirmation

Redundancy confirmation letter template

Use this model letter to confirm redundancy following the final individual redundancy consultation meeting.

Payments, notice and leaving arrangements are all detailed.

You can only give an employee notice of redundancy once you've finished consulting everyone and gone through the selection process.

Meet with each employee who's been at risk of redundancy. It's best to do this face to face, but if this is not possible, you should talk with them on a call.

You should allow them to be accompanied at the meeting.

For those selected for redundancy, you should also put the details of their redundancy in writing. This can be by letter or email.

You should include:

  • how they scored in the selection criteria and why they received that score
  • their notice period and leaving date
  • how much redundancy pay they'll get and how you calculated it
  • any other pay due to them, for example holiday pay
  • when and how you'll pay them
  • how they can appeal the redundancy decision

By law you must give statutory notice. Some contracts might have longer notice periods, but you cannot give less than the legal minimum.

This document is suitable for use in England & Wales and Scotland, and was last reviewed and revised on 9 August 2022

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Redundancy confirmation

[Company name]

[Sender address]


[Recipient name]

[Recipient address]

Dear [Recipient first name],

Confirmation of Redundancy

Further to [your meeting with [name] | our meeting] on date], I regretfully confirm that your employment with us will be terminated [with effect from [date] | with immediate effect].

This is due to your position having to be made redundant, and in no way reflects on your performance in your job, which has been entirely [satisfactory | excellent].

The selection of employees to be made redundant was based on the Company redundancy selection procedure, which has been discussed with you, and the need for the Company to retain a balanced workforce.

[I have attached your redundancy selection criteria and score.]

[Unfortunately, you have less than two qualifying years service with [Company] and therefore you are not entitled to statutory redundancy pay.]


[You are entitled to [number] [weeks | months] notice, commencing on [date] and ending on [date]. While working your notice you are entitled to reasonable time off with pay to pursue your job search. You will be required to show appointment details in order to get approval from your manager for time off].


[You are entitled to [number] [weeks | months]  notice, commencing on [date]. We would like you to work during the first [number] weeks of this notice and your date of termination of employment will therefore be [date]. The balance of your notice will be paid in lieu. While working your notice you are entitled to reasonable time off with pay to pursue your job search. You will be required to show appo

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