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Statement of terms and conditions form template

Why is this an essential Contract of employment document template?

Employers must provide their workers and employees with their written statement on or before their first day of employment, no matter how long they're employed for.

The written statement must include details about the hours and days of the week the worker or employee is required to work, and whether they may be varied and how, entitlements to any paid leave, any other benefits not covered elsewhere in the written statement, any probationary period, and any training provided by the employer.

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Statement of terms and conditions  form template

Statement of terms and conditions

This statement dated [date] meets the requirements of the Employment Rights Act 1996. It is the Statement of Initial Employment Particulars relating to the Contract of Employment of the person named below and supersedes any previous such statements or contracts.

Name of Employee: [name]

Name of Employer: [employer name]

Address of Employer: [employer address]

Start date: [start date]

Continuous employment

The date on which your continuous employment began is [start date].

Job title: [job title]

The Company may from time to time require you to undertake additional or other duties as necessary to meet the needs of the Company on a short term basis e.g. holiday or sickness cover.

Probationary period

New employees join the Company on a [number of months] month probationary period.

During and/or at the end of your probationary period you may be asked to attend employment reviews to discuss your overall work performance and conduct. This may include consideration of your absence record, competency, timekeeping, attitude, and interactions with colleagues and customers. If the Company is satisfied with your overall work performance and conduct, your continuing employment will be confirmed.

If the Company is not satisfied with your overall work performance and conduct, your employment will be terminated with the required notice.

The Company reserves the right in borderline cases to extend the probationary period, in the hope that during any further periods, your work performance and conduct will reach a level that is satisfactory to the Company. After such further period, a subsequent employment review will be held and a decision made. Your continuing employment will then either be confirmed, terminated with the required notice or the probationary period could be extended.

[Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check

Your employment is conditional upon a satisfactory DBS check and you are expected to cooperate with us in obtaining this. Failure to do so will result in the termination of your employment.]

Place of work

Your normal place of work is at the above address.


Reviewed: 04/04/21
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