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If an employee wishes to raise a grievance about a workplace issue, they can submit this model form template to you.

This form can be used standalone, or with an accompanying grievance letter.

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This Grievance form template aims to offer you a versatile and customisable tool, serving as a solid foundation for your needs. Utilise it to ensure consistency, enhance accuracy, and save valuable time.

Adapt it to suit your unique requirements, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your HR processes.

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Grievance form template
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Grievance investigation confirmation letter template

Our Grievance Investigation Confirmation Letter ensures a transparent process, confirming receipt and initiation of grievance investigation promptly.


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1 July 2024
grievance form template


Employee name:  
Trade Union/Association Rep:  


State your grievance in full:  
Explain the steps that you have taken to resolve your grievance:  
Explain the steps that you feel the Company should take to resolve your grievance:  
Have you discussed the grievance with your line manager or supervisor? Yes | No
If yes, explain the outcome of the discussion:  
If no, explain why not:  
Any other issues to mention:  

The above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and I apply for my grievance to be formally investigated under the Company grievance procedure.


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