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Exit interview invitation letter template

Why you need to add this to your Exit interview portfolio...

Use this letter to invite an employee to the exit interview. It is recommended that the interview is not left until the last day of service because the employee may be somewhat disengaged at that point and honest feedback may not be as forthcoming. Aim to hold the interview a week before they leave.

Preview only. The complete Exit interview invitation letter template text will be displayed below when you purchase either the individual document or the template pack that the document is contained in.
Exit interview invitation letter template

Exit interview invitation

[Sender name]

[Sender address]


[Recipient name]

[Recipient address]

Dear [Recipient first name],

Invitation to Exit Interview

Further to your recent resignation, you are invited to attend an Exit Interview on [date] at [time], which is

Reviewed: 08/03/21
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