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This policy descibes how the organisation will manage where an individual's performance falls below the standards expected.

This policy has three parts: an 'overview' that explains what it's about, 'scope' which details who it applies to, and 'general principles' that list the main rules it follows.

Why this policy is necessary

This Performance improvement policy template aims to offer you a versatile and customisable tool, serving as a solid foundation for your needs. Utilise it to ensure consistency, enhance accuracy, and save valuable time.

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performance improvement policy template

Performance improvement


The Company will at all times ensure that employees achieve and maintain a high standard of performance in their work. To this end it will ensure that standards are established, performance is monitored and employees are given appropriate training, support and facilities to meet these standards.


All employees of [Company].


1. Informal discussion

Where the Manager/Supervisor first establishes that an employee's performance is below the acceptable level, an informal discussion will be held with the employee to try to establish the reason.

2. Formal interview

Should the employee show either no or insufficient improvement over the following two weeks, a formal interview will be arranged between the employee (together with an employee representative if so desired), the Manager/Supervisor and the HR Department.

The aims of the interview will be to:

  • Identify the cause(s) of the poor performance and to determine what (if any) remedial treatment (e.g. training, retraining, support, etc.) can be given.
  • Explain clearly the shortfall between the employee's performance and the required standard.
  • Obtain the employee's commitment to reaching that standard.
  • Set a reasonable period for the employee to reach the standard and agree on a monitoring system during that period, and
  • Advise the employee what will happen if that standard is not met. The outcome of this interview will be recorded in writing and a copy will be given to the employee.

If it is established that the poor performance emanates from either Company standards which are not reasonably attainable or from a change in Company standards, these standards will be reviewed and the necessary help given for the employee to achieve the required criteria.

Should the interview establish that the performance problems are related to the employee's personal life, the necessary counselling/support will be provided.

If it becomes apparent that the poor performance constitutes misconduct, the Company's Disciplinary Procedure will be involved.

3. Further action

At the end of the review period a further formal interview will be held, at which time:

  • If the required improvement has been made, the employee will be told of this and encouraged to maintain the improvement
  • If some improvement has been made but the standard has not yet been met, the review period will be extended
  • If there has been no discernible improvement, the Manager will explain to the employee that he or she has failed to improve. Consideration will be given to whether there are alternative vacancies that the employee would be competent to fill. If there are, the employee will be given the option of accepting such a vacancy or being dismissed
  • If such vacancies exist, the employee will be given full details
  • In the absence of suitable alternative work, the employee will be told that the Company has no alternative but to dismiss. The employee will be invited to give his or her views on this before the final decision is taken.

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