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Modern Slavery Risk Assessment form template

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Our Modern Slavery Risk Assessment identifies vulnerabilities, safeguarding against exploitation and ensuring ethical business practices.

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modern slavery risk assessment form template

What is a Modern Slavery Risk Assessment form?

The Modern Slavery Risk Assessment tool enables organisations to assess and mitigate the risk of modern slavery within their operations and supply chains. By evaluating various factors such as geographical locations, business relationships, and industry practices, it helps identify potential vulnerabilities and areas of concern.

This assessment aids in developing robust strategies and policies to combat modern slavery, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and ethical standards. By proactively addressing these risks, organisations can uphold their commitment to human rights and contribute to eradicating modern slavery from their business practices and wider society.

Best practice timescale for this to be issued
When should this form be issued?
Annually / when a new supplier is taken on
Applicable legal jurisdictions
In which jurisdictions can this form be used?
Great Britain & NI (United Kingdom), Worldwide
United Kingdom
  • Modern Slavery Act 2015: Requires organisations to assess and address modern slavery risks within their operations and supply chains.

  • Equality Act 2010: Ensures that the risk assessment process does not discriminate against individuals based on protected characteristics.

  • Data Protection Act 2018 (incorporating GDPR): Mandates the handling of personal data within the risk assessment in compliance with data protection principles.

  • Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code: Provides guidance on ethical labour practices and may serve as a best practice reference for modern slavery risk assessments.

  • UK Government Guidance on Modern Slavery Reporting: Offers best practice guidance for organisations on conducting risk assessments and reporting obligations under the Modern Slavery Act.

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Other territories

Refer to your local employment legislation / labor laws to support the execution of the template. Review the wording for local accuracy.

Modern Slavery Risk Assessment

Organisation Name: [Insert Organisation Name]

Date of Assessment: [Insert Date]

Key Areas of Audit:

  1. Supplier Due Diligence Processes:

    • Have supplier due diligence processes been established to assess modern slavery risks?

    • Are suppliers required to undergo assessments and audits to evaluate compliance with anti-slavery policies and regulations?

    • Is there a procedure in place for addressing any identified instances of modern slavery within the supply chain?

  2. Compliance with Modern Slavery Clauses in Contracts:

    • Have modern slavery clauses been integrated into contracts with suppliers and subcontractors?

    • Are these clauses effectively communicated and enforced throughout the supply chain?

    • Is there a mechanism for monitoring and verifying supplier compliance with these clauses?

  3. Employee Training and Awareness Programmes:

    • Are employees provided with training on modern slavery awareness and detection?

    • Is there clear guidance on how to report suspicions or concerns regarding potential instances of modern slavery?

    • Are awareness programmes regularly updated to reflect evolving risks and best practices?

  4. Collaboration with Industry Peers and Stakeholders:

    • Is the organisation actively involved in collaborating with industry peers and relevant stakeholders to address modern slavery risks?

    • Are there forums or initiatives in place for sharing best practices and resources related to modern slavery prevention?

    • Does the organisation participate in industry-wide efforts to improve transparency and accountability in supply chains?

  5. Monitoring and Evaluation of Mitigation Measures:

    • Is there a system in place for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of mitigation measures?

    • Are regular audits conducted to assess compliance with anti-slavery policies and procedures?

    • Is feedback from audits and assessments used to inform continuous improvement efforts?

Risk Assessment Checklist:

Please indicate the status of each key area by checking the appropriate box:

Additional Comments:

[Insert any additional comments or observations regarding modern slavery risks and mitigation efforts here.]

Assessment Conducted By: [Insert Name and Position]

Approved By: [Insert Name and Position] (Date: [Insert Date])

Review Date: [Insert Date for the next review of the modern slavery risk assessment]

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Version: [1.0]

Issue date: [date]

What communication / process sequence is this part of?

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Modern slavery policy

Our Modern Slavery Policy template equips organisations to address regulatory requirements and ethical concerns seamlessly, ensuring responsible practices.

This step
Modern Slavery Risk Assessment form template
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Modern slavery policy statement form template

Our Modern Slavery Policy Statement empowers ethical practices, showcasing dedication to responsible conduct and accountability.

How might this be used in practice?


ABC Limited, a UK-based company, takes proactive steps to address modern slavery risks in its supply chain. HR Manager Sarah leads the implementation of a Modern Slavery Risk Assessment Form to identify and mitigate potential risks within the company's operations.

Training and Awareness

Sarah ensures that all relevant employees receive training on identifying and reporting modern slavery risks. Training sessions cover the purpose and use of the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment Form, as well as the legal and ethical implications of modern slavery.

Rollout and Implementation

Once the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment Form is finalised, Sarah oversees its rollout and implementation across the organisation. She communicates clear instructions on how to use the form and establishes reporting mechanisms for capturing and escalating any identified risks.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Sarah institutes regular monitoring and evaluation processes to assess the effectiveness of the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment Form. The team conducts periodic reviews to identify trends, address emerging risks, and update the form as necessary to enhance its efficacy.

Reporting and Transparency

Sarah ensures transparency by reporting the outcomes of the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment Form to senior management and stakeholders. The reports highlight key findings, mitigation measures implemented, and areas for improvement to demonstrate ABC Limited's commitment to combatting modern slavery.

Continuous Improvement

Sarah fosters a culture of continuous improvement by soliciting feedback from stakeholders and incorporating suggestions for enhancing the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment Form and associated processes. This iterative approach ensures that ABC Limited remains vigilant in its efforts to prevent modern slavery.

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