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Retirement document library

4 templates

Retirement is the point at which someone stops working, usually either having reached a particular age or because of ill health.

🗋 Retirement acknowledgement letter template ➜

This letter acknowledges an employees decision to retire, and provides essential information such as pension arrangements, final payments due and list the company property they are requested to return.

🗎 Retirement checklist form template ➜

If you have an employee who is ready to retire, pass this retirement checklist to them to help prepare.

🗋 Retirement notification letter template ➜

This form is for employees to notify the company of their wish to retire, the proposed date on which they wish to retire, and any request for a phased wind-down.

🗋 Retirement thank you and gift letter template ➜

A model retirement thank you and gift letter template to issue in line with best practice, containing clear and effective wording, which is easy to edit.