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Performance appraisal form template

This is a full review document, containing objectives, appraisal and commentary. You can add your own scoring system using objectives and skills if need be.


Performance appraisal

Job title:  
Review period:  

Review dates

Objectives and development plan meeting: [yyyy-mm-dd] @ [hh:mm]
1st formal review date and time: [yyyy-mm-dd] @ [hh:mm]
End of year review date and time: [yyyy-mm-dd] @ [hh:mm]

NB - Please notify HR of the above dates as soon as possible.

Guidance notes

Line Managers

Please read the Performance Management Guidance document.

Meeting Preparation

At least one week before each review meeting, send a copy of this document by email to the employee you are reviewing. This will give the Job Holder the opportunity to review the areas in which they will be assessed, and to prepare questions / responses.

Line Managers and Job Holders should prepare and print this document and bring it to each meeting.

Objectives / Training and Development Plan

Company Objectives

[Summarise the short term and long terms objectives of the company]

Departmental Objectives

[Summarise the short term and long terms objectives of the department]

Individual Objectives

[Discuss and agree the objectives you set out to achieve during this reporting period with the measures agreed. Comment on achievement or otherwise, with reasons where appropriate. This should reflect individual tasks on the Job Description, which you should also ensure reflects the job.]

Type [Initial / change] Objective Measure [How will the objective be assessed?] Review date Achieved? [or % complete] Comments

Individual Training and Development Plan

Detail the areas of knowledge, skills, experience and attributes that will be developed during this reporting period (including any planned training)

To achieve [specify outcomes of proposed training / development] By [date] Type of training required Date complete

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The full Performance appraisal form template will be displayed above once you purchase either this document individually, or as part of the following pack:

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Last update

1 June 2021


If you have purchased the document, or if it is FREE, simply copy/email/download and replace any highlighted wording contained in "[ ]", with your details.

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