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Interview record form template

It is vital to maintain interview records should a decision be challenged by a candidate, so having this completed is important.

This form allows questions to be specified in advance of a job interview, and for record the answers given using a simple scoring system to aid decision-making. It also includes some guidance notes.

Interview record

This form should be completed for each candidate. This information, together with the original application forms/CV and any shortlist records will be retained by the HR department for 6 months.

Post title:  
[Post ref:]  
Name of candidate:  
Date of interview:  

You may find it useful to list your criteria in the same order as that detailed in the Person Specification.


3 = Very good

2 = Good

1 = Average

0 = Not demonstrated

Criteria Questions Response notes Rating

The full Interview record form template will be available once purchased.

Reviewed 23 January 2022

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