Interview record form template

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Our Interview Record Form Template ensures comprehensive documentation, aiding in fair and transparent hiring decisions.

It is vital to maintain interview records should a decision be challenged by a candidate, so having this completed is important.

This form allows questions to be specified in advance of a job interview, and for record the answers given using a simple scoring system to aid decision-making. It also includes some guidance notes.

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interview record form template

What is this form for?

The Interview Record Form Template is a structured tool designed to facilitate the documentation of key information gathered during job interviews. It includes sections for recording candidate details, interview questions and responses, assessment criteria, and overall impressions.

This template serves as a valuable resource for interviewers and hiring teams, ensuring consistency in the evaluation process and enabling comprehensive review and comparison of candidate performances. By providing a standardized format for documenting interview outcomes, it supports informed decision-making and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process.

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Interview record form template
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After choosing the right person for the job, after making a verbal offer send them an offer letter for them to formally respond to.

Interview record

This form should be completed for each candidate. This information, together with the original application forms/CV and any shortlist records will be retained by the HR department for 6 months.

Post title:  
[Post ref:]  
Name of candidate:  
Date of interview:  

You may find it useful to list your criteria in the same order as that detailed in the Person Specification.


3 = Very good

2 = Good

1 = Average

0 = Not demonstrated

Criteria Questions Response notes Rating

Guidance Notes for recording your decisions

  1. Once the interview process has been completed the interview panel should discuss how each applicant has met or not met the criteria needed for the job as detailed in the person specification. It is important to focus on what evidence was presented to support your decision. This evidence should be taken from the interview summary form completed by each interviewer. These forms will be kept with the summary form to enable us to show how we reached our decision should an applicant make a complaint about the interview process.
  2. The chair of the interview panel should summarise, for each applicant, the key evidence to support the decisions made for both the successful and unsuccessful applicants.
  3. Some examples of evidence for a successful applicant may be as follows:
  • Presented strong evidence of working at strategic level from previous employment, examples given of strategies developed and sound explanation of impact on the organisation. Good understanding of issues facing public sector gained through partnership working. Able to meet all essential criteria.
  • Good examples given of dealing with customers in a range of face to face situations. Demonstrated experience of dealing with difficult situations and able to explain how to diffusive potentially aggressive customers. Able to meet all criteria for the post.
  1. Some examples of evidence for a unsuccessful applicant may be as follows:
  • Was not able to provide evidence of working at a strategic level as major responsibilities is at an operational level. Awareness of public sector issues was limited and no understanding of political context to role.
  • Limited experience of dealing with customers in a face to face situation as most experience has been gained in a telephone call centre. Not able to provide any examples of dealing with difficult customers as these are passed to more senior staff with the organisation.

Decision (tick)

Appointment recommended:  
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