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Policy documents ❭ Absence and attendance policy templates

Absence policies allow you to promote your company culture and values in terms of how you approach absence management.

They are an opportunity to highlight:

  • How you approach work-life balance
  • How you handle employees with an unreasonable level of absence
  • How you support everyone to be healthier and provide good employee wellbeing

By addressing these subjects in a formal policy, you will set out good expectations at an early stage, and it will allow you to deal with any issues reasonably and effectively.

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Annual leave policy

An annual leave policy makes it clear what staff are and aren’t entitled to. It also outlines how holiday will be granted and any periods of business where holiday will be refused, for example, if one of your busiest periods is the run-up to Christmas.

Having it written down avoids disputes down the line for both you and staff over who is entitled to what and when.


Sick absence policy

A sick absence policy should make clear exactly what's expected from both the employer and employee if the employee is sick.


Taking time off work (general absence) policy

A general absence policy should make clear exactly what's expected from both the employer and employee if the employee needs to take time off work for reasons other than holiday (annual leave) or sickness.


Timekeeping policy

A timekeeping policy specifies the expectations on employees to be at work, on time, and available. It also manages expectations for what happens when things go wrong, and what measures may be taken.


Unauthorised absence (AWOL) policy

Unauthorised absence is when an employee does not attend work and has not given a reason for their absence or contacted their employer to inform them of their absence.

It can also be called absent without leave (AWOL) or absent without permission.

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