Grievance appeal hearing script template

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If an employee has appealed against the outcome of a grievance, use this model script in an appeal hearing.

Why this script is necessary

The purpose of a grievance hearing script is to ensure that the hearing is conducted in a fair and impartial manner. The script outlines the purpose of the hearing, summarizes the nature of the grievance, and sets out ground rules for the hearing, such as speaking order, time limits, and rules of evidence.

The script also reminds participants that the focus of the hearing is on finding a fair and just resolution to the issue at hand, and not on assigning blame or taking sides. Overall, the script is designed to promote a constructive and respectful dialogue among all parties involved in the hearing.

Here are some key pieces of UK employment legislation that employers should be aware of when implementing a grievance appeal hearing script:

  • The Employment Rights Act 1996: This act provides employees with the right to appeal against the outcome of a grievance procedure, and sets out the basic requirements for handling grievance appeal procedures.

  • The ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures: This code provides practical guidance for employers on how to handle disciplinary and grievance procedures fairly and consistently, including the handling of appeals.

  • The Data Protection Act 2018: This act regulates the processing of personal data, including data collected during the grievance appeal process, and sets out employees' rights to access and correct their personal data.

  • The Human Rights Act 1998: This act incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, and provides employees with a range of rights, including the right to a fair hearing.

  • The Equality Act 2010: This act prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of a range of protected characteristics, including age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, and sexual orientation. Employers must ensure that grievance appeal hearings are conducted in a non-discriminatory manner.

It is important to follow a fair and transparent process when conducting a grievance appeal hearing to ensure that all parties are given an opportunity to present their case and to be heard.

Workflow sequence

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Our Grievance Appeal Hearing Invitation Letter template invites employees to a formal appeal hearing, ensuring transparency and fairness in addressing grievances.

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Grievance appeal hearing script
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If a grievance appeal hearing has been held, send this model letter template for confirmation of the outcome.


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grievance appeal hearing script template

Grievance appeal hearing Script


Hello [employee name], thank you for attending this grievance appeal hearing. As you know, this hearing is to discuss your appeal against the outcome of the original grievance hearing. The purpose of this hearing is to listen to your concerns and work towards finding a resolution that works for everyone.

[Reason for appeal]

Can you please explain to us why you are appealing the outcome of the original grievance hearing?

[Discussion of Concerns]

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Can you tell us what you would like to see as a resolution to your grievance?


Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

I take your appeal seriously and will work towards finding a solution that works for everyone.

I will get back to you with a resolution as soon as possible.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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