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Exit interview explained

An exit interview is a survey conducted with an individual who is leaving an organisation for the organisation to obtain their honest feedback so that it can to assess what it may need to improve or change about working conditions, company communication etc.

By performing an exit interview with an employee before they go, you’ll have an opportunity to get honest feedback about positive and negative experiences. It will give you the opportunity to collect feedback to help you determine whether there is the potential to increase employee retention, improve engagement, and get valuable insight to help hire their replacement.

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Exit interview form template

Understanding the reasons why someone has chosen to leave their employment, and gaining insight into their honest thoughts on what it was like to work for this employer can help strengthen the employer employee relationship for others, and help improve the culture.

Exit interview invitation letter template

An exit interview should not be held on the employee's last day as they may be somewhat disengaged at that point and honest feedback may not be as forthcoming.