Employment documents and policy templates

I help UK SME's to ensure that they recruit, manage, support and terminate people with best practice and legally compliant documents and policies. I have 235 document templates to cover most situations. Contact me to see how I can help you.

Do you experience difficulty recruiting the right people?

A bad hire can be costly; time and money go into onboarding a new employee and if something goes wrong you have to start the whole process again! My documents can assist you to:
  • Hold successful interviews
  • Conduct background checks
  • Manage the rejection process
  • Hire the right people
  • Manage the induction / onboarding process
  • Identify internal talent

Do you have 'challenging' employees?

Challenging employees can be disruptive and use valuable resource in trying to resolve issues, while removing poor performers from the business poorly costs time and money and leaves you open to tribunal claims. My documents can provide you with frameworks for:
  • Giving clear, behavioural feedback
  • Documenting important information
  • Having a consistent approach, and working through the right legal processes
  • Put poor performers back on track, and setting consequences if things don't change
  • Taking tough decisions

Do you have high employee turnover?

High turnover can indicate widespread demotivation and poor engagement of employees who may feel unsupported. My documents can help you to:
  • Praise and reward your employees
  • Identify career paths
  • Develop your employees
  • Allow flexible work schedules

Do you meet your legal obligations?

Misunderstanding legislation or not following legal processes risks opening you up to successful (and potentially financially costly) tribunal claims. My documents are:
  • Best practice
  • Legally compliant

Do you want to improve your culture?

A bad culture can lead to disharmony, weak relationships and poor communication. My documents help enable you to have a culture that:
  • Values transparency
  • Rewards and values employees
  • Has strong working relationships
  • Encourages employee feedback
  • Sticks to its core values

Benefits of using HRDocBox

1. Preview everything before you buy

View a sample of the wording of all of my documents so you can be sure of their quality before committing to purchase.

2. Easily and flexibly edit any document

Once purchased, each of my documents is available for you to:
  1. Copy and paste directly into your own document
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Areas of the document to be tailored to suit your situation/Company will be visually highlighted.

3. Member discount

After your first purchase you receive a 20% discount on every subsequent order.

4. Get free updates to any document you buy

You get 12 months access to any document purchased, so if it is updated during that period there is no additional cost to you.

5. Get excellent value for money

The majority of my documents are less than £1! If you purchase an HRDocBox the value is even better as you also benefit from any new documents that are added to that HRDocBox during the 12 months after you purchase it.