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Recruitment document package

Induction document library

3 templates

An induction is a period during which a new employee learns about an organisation, and receives appropriate basic training.

What's included in this library?

Induction is an essential part of on boarding your new recruits and familiarising them with your organisation. Getting the induction process right can help you get new employees up to speed and productive as quickly as possible.

Having a comprehensive, structured induction process has been shown to play a big part in improving long-term staff retention.

🗎 Induction programme checklist form template ➜

This document is used as a checklist to record key stages of a new employee commencing work with a Company.

🗋 Introduction to The Employee Handbook letter template ➜

This template works as a simple introduction to the Employee Handbook from someone in a senior position, along with some background about the organisation.

🗎 New starter personal details form template ➜

 A simple form to capture key details of the new joiner, so that important information is obtained.

Free downloadable guides (.pdf format)

🖹 Induction