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Recruitment document package

Job design document library

5 templates

Job design is the process of establishing the tasks and responsibilities required within a new or existing role. the systems and procedures involved, and the level of competence (skills/experience/behaviour) that the post holder will require to be successful. 

What's included in this library?

Before you commence the process or recruiting a candidate, there are some housekeeping tasks to complete so that the role is fully understood, the right stakeholders are selected, and the role is appropriately signed off.

🗎 Approval to recruit form template ➜

Hiring managers should seek authorisation for recruitment to all positions.

🗎 Job advert wording form template ➜

A job advert is used to post jobs and helps standardise them across a business.

🗎 Job description form template ➜

Job descriptions can help identify particular skills or abilities that are necessary for a position or the environmental pressures that apply to the position.

🗎 Person specification form template ➜

A person specification states the minimum set of capabilities a person needs to have in order for them to be appointed into a position.

🗎 Works council representative role profile form template ➜

A model works council representative role profile form template to issue in line with best practice, containing clear and effective wording, which is easy to edit.