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Recruitment documents

Probation document templates

Probation periods give you the opportunity to assess new recruits on the job.

It’s common for employers to discover, a few weeks into the employment relationship, that new hires don’t deliver the skills or performance they promised at interview, have poor timekeeping or attendance, or are a bad fit in terms of personality or organisational culture. Probationary periods allow you to manage the relationship more flexibly, so you can address problems before agreeing on a full contract.

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Probation complete confirmation letter template

This document is used where the Company wishes to confirm that an employee has passed their probationary period.

Reviewed 31 Mar 2021

Probation extension confirmation letter template

This document is used where the Company wishes to extend the probationary period of an employee.

Reviewed 31 Mar 2021

Probation review form template

This serves as a guide to some of the areas which may require clarification to foster a conclusive evaluation of performance since the appointment of an individual to a particular position.

This is a two way interview where both parties must fully express themselves and ensure that the other gains a clear and understanding of what is being said.

Understanding whether the employee fits in to the culture of the organisation is vital, so it is recommended that an assessment of their performance against Core Values is also reviewed.

Reviewed 31 Mar 2021

Termination of employment (probation) letter template

A model termination of employment (probation) letter template to assist you in managing this event with a best practice method.

Reviewed 23 Nov 2021
Recruitment template pack

Recruitment template pack

Unlimited downloads of all 4 Probation document templates in this pack, plus everything else in the Recruitment template pack for 12 months.

Investigation documents

Undertaking an investigation will often be required as part of a disciplinary or grievance process.

Performance appraisal documents

Performance Appraisals or Performance Reviews as sometimes they are known are an individual plan for each employee.

Job offer documents

Job offer letters start the employment relationship off on a positive note.

Job application documents

The application is usually the first step of the process, and its goal is to make sure that the applicant meets the basic requirements of the job.