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Management documents

Performance appraisal document templates

Performance Appraisals or Performance Reviews as sometimes they are known are an individual plan for each employee. 

An appraisal should reflect the employee’s job, their key responsibilities, their wider participation within the team and their overall contribution (or expected contribution) to company-wide business objectives.

Appraisals should focus on performance and personal development with specific areas for employees and employers to concentrate their efforts on above and beyond the day-to-day environment.

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Commendation letter template

This letter is used after a good overall Performance Development Review, to thank the appraisee for the work they have done during the period.

This also includes an optional paragraph about a bonus award.

Reviewed 19 Nov 2020

Performance appraisal guide

This is a complete guide for an appraiser and how to use performance development reviews in practice. This guide details preparation, from setting up the environment, to what questions to ask and how to record the process.

Reviewed 13 Mar 2021

Performance appraisal form template

This is a full review document, containing objectives, appraisal and commentary. You can add your own scoring system using objectives and skills if need be.

Reviewed 1 Jun 2021

Performance appraisal managers checklist guide

This document is a quick checklist for an appraiser and what they need to do in practice to make a Performance Development Review a success.

Reviewed 13 Mar 2021
Management template pack

Management template pack

Unlimited downloads of all 4 Performance appraisal document templates in this pack, plus everything else in the Management template pack for 12 months.

Pay and Benefits documents

Model letters and forms to help you create and maintain legally compliant documents for your organisation on pay and benefits.

Performance appraisal documents

Performance Appraisals or Performance Reviews as sometimes they are known are an individual plan for each employee.

Disciplinary documents

Disciplinary procedures enable you to ensure that employees keep to the rules.

Absence documents

Absence can come in many forms, some unavoidable (emergencies), some vital (family, holidays - for wellbeing), some manageable (education, long term absences), and some unwanted (such as absenteeism - short term sickness).