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Code of conduct policy templates

Every company should have a code of conduct outlining how employees are supposed to interact and behave while at work. By setting rules and expectations, employees know how to act at work and can be more successful in their roles.

A code of conduct, also called privacy and code of conduct, are the policies and rules both employees and employers must adhere to. These guidelines outline how people should appropriately interact with one another at work. 

Why is a code of conduct important?

  1. It demonstrates a company's values

  2. It provides guidelines for behaviour

  3. It helps the Company to act within the law

  4. It helps to improve and maintain employee morale

  5. It enables Companies to measure employee success

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Alcohol and drugs policy

Alcohol and drug problems are prevalent in society and are associated with a wide variety of costs for both employers and employees. These costs include ill-health sickness absence, reduced work performance and accidents. The consumption of alcohol and drugs has implications for health and safety at work since these substances impair co-ordination, judgement and decision making; as such this is a policy matter.

Reviewed 4 Aug 2020

Conduct whilst on Company business policy

A model conduct whilst on company business policy to assist you in managing this event with a best practice method.

Reviewed 7 Oct 2018

Conflict of interest policy

This policy outlines the rules regarding conflict of interest and the responsibilities of employees and the company in resolving any such discrepancies.

Reviewed 8 Mar 2021

Disciplinary policy

The disciplinary policy is aimed at ensuring that issues of misconduct are managed and dealt with in a fair and consistent manner. The It promotes high standards of behaviour and conduct for all employees and describes appropriate corrective action where those standards are not met.

Reviewed 8 Mar 2021

Dress and appearance policy

A model dress and appearance policy to assist you in managing this event with a best practice method.

Reviewed 7 Oct 2018

Electronic and telephone communications policy

A model electronic and telephone communications policy to assist you in managing this event with a best practice method.

Reviewed 19 Nov 2020

Grievance policy

A grievance policy/procedure is a formal way for an employee to raise a problem or complaint to their employer.

The employee can raise a grievance if:

  • they feel raising it informally has not worked
  • they do not want it dealt with informally
  • it’s a very serious issue, for example sexual harassment or ‘whistleblowing’
Reviewed 8 Mar 2021

Personal relationships at work policy

A model personal relationships at work policy to assist you in managing this event with a best practice method.

Reviewed 7 Oct 2018

Social media policy

A social media policy is a  code of conduct that provides guidelines for employees who post content on the internet either as part of their job or as a private person.

The goal of a social media policy is to set expectations for appropriate behaviour, and ensure that an employee's posts will not expose the company to legal problems. 

Reviewed 17 Sep 2021

Standards of behaviour at work policy

Standards of behaviour means the minimum standards of conduct and performance that you should expect from your employees.

Whilst it is not possible to set out in detail the standards expected  in every respect, this document provides some clarity on important aspects.

Click title to use Reviewed 31 Mar 2021

Use of Company equipment policy

A model use of company equipment policy to assist you in managing this event with a best practice method.

Reviewed 7 Oct 2018

Whistleblowing policy

All organisations face the risk of things going wrong or of unknowingly harbouring malpractice.

By promoting a culture of openness within your Company, employees are encouraged to raise issues which are of concern at work.

By knowing about malpractice at an early stage, steps can be taken to safeguard the interests of all staff and prevent fraud and corruption before it happens.

Reviewed 14 Sep 2021
Policy template pack

Policy template pack

Unlimited downloads of all 12 Code of conduct policy templates in this pack, plus everything else in the Policy template pack for 12 months.

Retirement documents

Retirement is the withdrawal from one's position or occupation or from one's active working life.

Settlement agreement documents

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts which can be used to end an employment relationship on agreed terms.

Health and Safety documents

It is the duty of care of every employer to maintain the health and safety of each employee.

Probation documents

Probation periods give you the opportunity to assess new recruits on the job.