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Having access to comprehensive HR document templates is essential for organisations to thrive.

Whether you're an HR professional or a company without a dedicated HR department, these templates offer a structured framework to streamline processes, ensure legal compliance, and foster a positive work environment.

With ready-made solutions for recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and compliance, this toolkit empowers organisations of all sizes to save time, resources, and confidently manage their workforce.

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What are Essential HR documents?

Our Essential HR Document Templates Toolkit offers a collection of essential templates that all HR departments or Companies need to streamline HR processes and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

The toolkit's purpose is to provide HR professionals with readily available resources to standardise documentation, enhance efficiency, and maintain consistency across various HR functions.

Disciplinary Policy Template

  • Sets out procedures for managing disciplinary issues in the workplace, ensuring fair treatment of employees and compliance with employment laws.

Equal Opportunities Policy Template

  • Promotes equality and diversity within the organisation, preventing discrimination and fostering an inclusive work environment in accordance with relevant legislation.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy Template

  • Formalises commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring compliance with equality legislation and promoting diversity in the workplace.

Ethics Policy Template

  • Establishes ethical standards and expectations for employee conduct, promoting integrity, transparency, and ethical behaviour.

Flexible Working Policy Template

  • Sets out procedures for requesting and managing flexible working arrangements, supporting work-life balance and compliance with employment regulations.

GDPR and Data Protection Policy Template

  • Ensures compliance with GDPR regulations and protects personal data, safeguarding data privacy and reducing risks of data breaches.

Grievance Policy Template

  • Provides a framework for addressing employee grievances, ensuring fair treatment and resolution of workplace issues.

Health and Safety Policy Template

  • Outlines responsibilities for maintaining a safe work environment, preventing accidents, and ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.

Homeworking or Remote Working Policy Template

  • Sets guidelines for employees working remotely or from home, ensuring health, safety, and productivity of remote workers while complying with relevant legislation.

Hybrid Working Policy Template

  • Defines hybrid working arrangements combining office and remote work, supporting flexible work models and employee well-being.

IT Policy Template

  • Establishes guidelines for acceptable use of company IT resources, ensuring data security, confidentiality, and compliance with IT regulations.

Maternity Leave and Pay Policy Template

  • Outlines entitlements and procedures for maternity leave, ensuring compliance with maternity leave legislation and supporting expectant mothers' rights.

Mental Health Policy Template

  • Addresses mental health issues in the workplace and promotes employee well-being, supporting employees' mental health needs and reducing stigma surrounding mental illness.

Paternity Leave and Pay Policy Template

  • Outlines entitlements and procedures for paternity leave, ensuring compliance with paternity leave legislation and supporting new fathers' rights.

Performance Improvement Policy Template

  • Provides a framework for managing employee performance issues, supporting employee development and fair treatment.

Reimbursement of Expenses Policy Template

  • Sets out procedures for reimbursing employee expenses, ensuring fair and consistent reimbursement practices.

Sick Absence Policy Template

  • Outlines procedures for managing employee sick leave, ensuring fair treatment of employees and compliance with sick leave legislation.

Whistleblowing Policy Template

  • Encourages reporting of unethical conduct or wrongdoing within the organisation, protecting whistleblowers from retaliation and promoting transparency.

Changes to Terms and Conditions of Employment Letter Template

  • Notifies employees of changes to their employment terms and conditions, ensuring transparency and compliance with employment contract requirements.

Flexible Working Request Letter Template

  • Allows employees to formally request flexible working arrangements, supporting work-life balance and compliance with flexible working regulations.

Less than Two Years Service Dismissal Letter Template

  • Communicates termination of employment for employees with less than two years' service, ensuring compliance with unfair dismissal legislation and providing reasons for dismissal.

Offer of Employment Letter Template

  • Formally offers employment to successful candidates, establishing terms and conditions of employment and reducing risks of disputes.

Pay or Salary Increase Notification Letter Template

  • Notifies employees of pay or salary increases, ensuring transparency and compliance with employment contract terms.

Probation Termination Letter Template

  • Notifies employees of probationary period termination, providing reasons for termination and ensuring compliance with employment contract terms.

Resignation Acceptance Letter Template

  • Acknowledges receipt of employee resignation and confirms resignation acceptance, confirming end of employment relationship and reducing risks of disputes.

Annual Leave Request Form Template

  • Allows employees to request annual leave, ensuring fair allocation of annual leave and compliance with entitlements.

Exit Interview Questions Form Template

  • Gathers feedback from departing employees during exit interviews, identifying reasons for turnover and potential areas for improvement.

Induction or Onboarding Programme Checklist Form Template

  • Guides the onboarding process for new employees, ensuring consistency in procedures and facilitating integration.

Job Application Form Template

  • Collects essential information from job applicants, ensuring fair and non-discriminatory hiring practices and compliance with data protection regulations.

Job Description Form Template

  • Defines roles and responsibilities for specific job positions, ensuring clarity and alignment between employer and employee expectations.

Performance Appraisal Form Template

  • Evaluates employee performance against predefined objectives, documenting performance discussions and supporting fair treatment.

Probation Review Form Template

  • Assesses employee performance during probationary period, supporting fair evaluation and decision-making regarding probationary extensions or terminations.

Recognition Nomination Form Template

  • Allows employees to nominate colleagues for recognition or awards, promoting employee engagement and morale.

Record of Training Completed Form Template

  • Tracks employee training and development activities, ensuring compliance with training requirements and supporting skill development.

Reference Request Form Template

  • Requests references from previous employers for job applicants, verifying candidate credentials and reducing risks of hiring unsuitable candidates.

Return to Work Interview Form Template

  • Conducts interviews with employees returning from extended leave, identifying any issues affecting employee well-being and facilitating smooth transition back to work.

Confidentiality Agreement Template

  • Protects sensitive company information and intellectual property, safeguarding proprietary information and reducing risks of data breaches.

Statement of Terms and Conditions Contract of Employment Template

  • Provides written statement of employment terms and conditions as required by law, ensuring clarity and transparency in employment relationship.

New Employee Announcement Script Template

  • Announces new employee's arrival to the team or organisation, facilitating smooth integration of new employee into the workplace.

Training and Development Plan Template

  • Outlines individual employee's training and development needs, supporting employee skill development and career progression.

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