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A handy guide to good meeting etiquette

A meeting is as successful as the positive contributions of its members. There are various ways you can contribute in a meeting, sometimes in a formal way (as Chair or minute-taker) and many informal ways through speaking, summarising, guiding a small discussion or asking questions to clarify what you have heard. Here are some practical steps to a meeting which can make a difference, some ‘quick wins’ to ensure that your attendance/contribution is professional and a box of ‘handy hints’ to bring them all together.

A handy guide to good office etiquette

Why is office etiquette important? Because bad manners at work can be bad for business by negatively affecting employee morale and productivity.

This guide shows a good way of working, every employee (not just management) should act as a role model by showing respect for their colleagues and demonstrating the following professional standards:

New employee announcement memo

Use this document to inform the company of a new arrival.

Outcome of facilitation meeting

 Use this letter to confirm the outcome of a facilitation exercise between two employees who's work relationship has declined as a 'working contract' between the two parties.

Recognition award congratulatory letter

Suggestion scheme memo - for line manager

Suggestion scheme memo - for suggestion box