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Termination documents ❭ Redundancy document templates

Ensuring that you manage a redundancy process fairly and effectively is vital to good communication, and avoiding claims from employees.

A redundancy situation can arise where:

  1. the employer has ceased, or intends to cease, to carry on the business for the purposes of which the employee was so employed,
  2. the employer has ceased, or intends to cease, to carry on the business in the place where the employee was so employed
  3. the requirements of the business for employees to carry out work of a particular kind has ceased or diminished or are expected to cease or diminish, or
  4. the requirements of the business for the employees to carry out work of a particular kind, in the place where they were so employed, has ceased or diminished or are expected to cease or diminish.
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Confirmation of redundancy letter template

A letter to be issued following the final individual consultation meeting to confirm redundancy, payments, notice and leaving arrangements.


Notice of possible redundancies letter template

Used as part of the redundancy consultation process, this is a detailed letter that informs the employee of future consultation meetings and also explains the reasons why the company is considering redundancies.


Offer of suitable alternative employment letter template

Use this letter to offer alternative employment to an employee whose job has been identified as redundant.


Redundancy consultation first meeting invitation letter template

Individuals provisionally selected should be consulted before any final decision is made.

Prior to any consultation meeting you should send all employees who have been provisionally selected for redundancy a letter inviting them to a meeting. This letter also details the background and rationale for the proposal(s), the summary of proposal(s), the potential implications for the employee and the method of selection.


Redundancy consultation pack guide

This pack should be issued to employees at the start of the redundancy consultation process. It explains the redundancy process from start to finish, and also includes the most frequently asked questions with answers.

This gives the employee something to refer back to after the initial redundancy warning meeting and prevents a barrage of questions to the managers.


Redundancy selection criteria assessment guide

The selection criteria used by the employer must be carefully and exactly defined so that they can be fairly and consistently applied to each employee.

The criteria must also be agreed by the employees representatives.


Redundancy selection criteria matrix form template

A redundancy selection criteria matrix sets out the criteria that will be applied in deciding which employees to make redundant. Each employee in the redundancy pool is scored against each of the criteria and the employees with the lowest scores are then selected for redundancy. Some suggested examples are below.

Ideally, a panel should perform the scoring (not just one person).

Note, length of service should only be used all other scores being equal.


Redundancy selection matrix scoring (performance) guide

The Redundancy Selection Criteria Assessment Guidelines should be used to assist in the accurate assessment of employees. 


Settlement agreement (redundancy) letter template

This is a standard Settlement Agreement containing redundancy specific wording, to protect the employer against claims of unfair dismissal when terminating an employment contract.

This letter is issued in conjunction with the Settlement Agreement template.


Successful end of trial period confirmation letter template

 This letter confirms to an employee whose job was made redundant that a trial period in a new job has been successful.

Termination template pack

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Exit interview documents

By performing an exit interview with an employee before they go, you’ll have an opportunity to get honest feedback about positive and negative experiences, identify potential areas of opportunity for increasing employee retention, identify opportunities to improve engagement, and get valuable insight to help hire their replacement

Employee Communication documents

Communicating with your employees is central to managing your workforce

Absence and attendance policies

Absence policies allow you to promote your company culture and values in terms of how you approach absence management

Performance appraisal documents

Performance Appraisals or Performance Reviews as sometimes they are known are an individual plan for each employee