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HR guidance documents

All of my guidance templates.

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Absence improvement guide

Most sickness is genuine and unauthorised absence may be caused by family commitments or stress. However, these situations are difficult to manage because they are often sudden and unexpected. This leaves some managers feeling unsure about what they can do.

This guide enables you to manage the process to highlight high absence levels with an individual to encourage improvememt, and document their response in a formal framework.

Ultimately if this procedure is followed and no improvements are forthcoming, dismissal will be deemed to be a reasonable outcome.

Reviewed 9 Mar 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) example procedure guide

Use this guide to manage any COVID-related incidents.

Click title to use Reviewed 9 Nov 2021

COVID-19 What to do if... quick reference guide

Use this guide to help employees understand what steps they have to take in a number of scenarios, such as self/household isolating, shielding, positive tests etc.

Click title to use Reviewed 11 Mar 2021

Good email etiquette guide

You may consider implementing etiquette rules for the following three reasons:

  • Professionalism: by using proper email language your Company will convey a professional image.
  • Efficiency: emails that get to the point are much more effective than poorly worded emails.
  • Protection from liability: employee awareness of what may be considered poor behaviour displayed in emails will protect your Company from risk.
Reviewed 9 Mar 2021

Good meeting etiquette guide

Here are some practical steps to a meeting which can make a difference, some ‘quick wins’ to ensure that your attendance/contribution is professional and a box of ‘handy hints’ to bring them all together..

Reviewed 17 Aug 2020

Good office etiquette guide

Why is office etiquette important? Because bad manners at work can be bad for business by negatively affecting employee morale and productivity.

This guide shows a good way of working, every employee (not just management) should act as a role model by showing respect for their colleagues and demonstrating the following professional standards:

Reviewed 2 Apr 2021

Hiring managers recruitment checklist guide

A simple checklist of what is involved in the recruitment process from preparing a job description and person specification, advertising the vacancy, carrying out an interview process and making an offer of employment.

Reviewed 1 Jun 2021

Induction guide

This document gives pointers on what is important to deliver as part of an effective induction process. This will ofetn be different for different Companies and organisations, but there are CORE elements that should always be delivered.

Reviewed 31 Mar 2021

Induction line manager responsibilities guide

This document is used for guidance for line managers to work through an induction process for new members of staff.

Reviewed 31 Mar 2021

Managing long term absence guide

The primary aim in cases of long-term absence is to facilitate a return to work at the earliest possible point. The secondary aim is to then support any return to work effectively to minimise the risk of any further absences. This guidance note provides additional guidance to support managers in the management of cases of long-term or ongoing absence.

The guidance focusses on 4 key areas:

  • Maintaining Contact
  • Obtaining Medical Advice
  • Considering Supports/Adjustments
  • Considering Progression to a Capability Hearing
Reviewed 13 Mar 2021

Performance appraisal guide

This is a complete guide for an appraiser and how to use performance development reviews in practice. This guide details preparation, from setting up the environment, to what questions to ask and how to record the process.

Reviewed 13 Mar 2021

Performance appraisal managers checklist guide

This document is a quick checklist for an appraiser and what they need to do in practice to make a Performance Development Review a success.

Reviewed 13 Mar 2021

Performance improvement plan (PIP) guide

This guidance is designed to assist managers to encourage employees to achieve and maintain standards of job performance. Managers should ensure consistent and fair treatment for all and to assist any employee who is considered to be experiencing difficulties in performing satisfactorily the duties required of the post to which they were appointed.

This guidance provides managers with a framework to improve an employees performance in the workplace.

Reviewed 25 Mar 2021

Recruitment and selection guide

The Recruitment and Selection procedure helps managers to ensure that they make an informed decision when interviewing and hiring a new employee.

Reviewed 5 Mar 2021

Redundancy consultation pack guide

This pack should be issued to employees at the start of the redundancy consultation process. It explains the redundancy process from start to finish, and also includes the most frequently asked questions with answers.

This gives the employee something to refer back to after the initial redundancy warning meeting and prevents a barrage of questions to the managers.

Reviewed 30 Jan 2019

Redundancy selection criteria assessment guide

The selection criteria used by the employer must be carefully and exactly defined so that they can be fairly and consistently applied to each employee.

The criteria must also be agreed by the employees representatives.

Reviewed 5 Mar 2021

Redundancy selection matrix scoring (performance) guide

The Redundancy Selection Criteria Assessment Guidelines should be used to assist in the accurate assessment of employees. 

Reviewed 5 Mar 2021

Retirement checklist guide

If you have an employee who is ready to retire, pass this retirement checklist to them to help prepare.

Reviewed 1 Jun 2021

Transferring staff IN on TUPE guide

This is a detailed step-by-step guide containing the process for transferring staff in to your organisation from another entity:

  1. Determining whether TUPE applies
  2. Establishing which employees are likely to be transferred
  3. Consulting with representatives
  4. Informing and consulting affected staff
  5. Confirming the transfer
  6. Exchanging employee data
  7. Indemnity
  8. Preparing for transfer day
  9. Induction
  10. Harmonising terms and conditions
Reviewed 5 Mar 2021

Transferring staff OUT on TUPE guide

This is a detailed step-by-step guide containing the process for transferring staff out of your organisation to another entity:

  1. Determining whether TUPE applies
  2. Establishing which employees are affected
  3. Consulting with representatives
  4. Informing and consulting employees
  5. Confirming the transfer with affected employees
  6. Exchanging employee data
  7. Notifying the date of transfer
Reviewed 5 Mar 2021

Health and safety policies

Model policies to help you create and maintain legally compliant rules for your organisation on health and safety.

Disciplinary documents

Disciplinary procedures enable you to ensure that employees keep to the rules.

Parental leave documents

Statutory leave for family reasons is a complicated area where the law has changed frequently in recent years and, as an employer, it is important that your policies and procedures are kept up-to-date.

Confidentiality documents

Confidentiality, or not disclosing certain information, is important in a wide range of jobs.