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Management documents ❭ Absence document templates

Absence can come in many forms, some unavoidable (emergencies), some vital (family, holidays - for wellbeing), some manageable (education, long term absences), and some unwanted (such as absenteeism - short term sickness).

Finding ways to navigate through the many absences that are taken in Companies every day and ensure that absneces are managed well, and employees understand the rules and their responsibilities is essential.

This section provides you wit a number of key documents for many eventualities.

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Absence improvement guide

Most sickness is genuine and unauthorised absence may be caused by family commitments or stress. However, these situations are difficult to manage because they are often sudden and unexpected. This leaves some managers feeling unsure about what they can do.

This guide enables you to manage the process to highlight high absence levels with an individual to encourage improvememt, and document their response in a formal framework.

Ultimately if this procedure is followed and no improvements are forthcoming, dismissal will be deemed to be a reasonable outcome.


Agreement to allow anticipation of annual leave letter template

Use this document to record where an agremeent has been made with an employee to allow them to anticipate a number of days leave from the next holiday year.


Annual leave request form template

This manual form is used to request and approve annual leave, and incorporates flexibility regarding leave being taken in days or hours, and shift workers.

FREE Annual leave request form template

Leave request (not holiday) form template

This manual form is used to request and approve general leave, and incorporates flexibility regarding leave being taken in days or hours, and shift workers.

FREE Leave request (not holiday) form template

Long term absence review meeting invitation letter template

Use this template to invite an employee on long term sick to a formal meeting to discuss their absence, what support they may need to facilitate a return to work, and document any adjustments that would be beneficial when they return.


Managing long term absence guide

The primary aim in cases of long-term absence is to facilitate a return to work at the earliest possible point. The secondary aim is to then support any return to work effectively to minimise the risk of any further absences. This guidance note provides additional guidance to support managers in the management of cases of long-term or ongoing absence.

The guidance focusses on 4 key areas:

  • Maintaining Contact
  • Obtaining Medical Advice
  • Considering Supports/Adjustments
  • Considering Progression to a Capability Hearing


Medical report consent form template

To be completed by the subject of the request and returned to the employer.


Medical report request to employee letter template

Used where an employee has been on a long period of sick absence, so that the employer can explain what steps they are now taking to help the employee back to fitness to work. The letter explains that the employer wishes to write to the employees GP for guidance on their expected return to work and what adjustments (if any) they need to make.


Return to work interview form template

Used as part of good absence policy, this form is used to record a brief interview with an employee returning from any period of sick absence to suggest ways in which the employer can help, or if the employee needs any support.

This form should be used to record the Return to Work Interview between the manager and employee. It should be completed by the manager as soon as is practicably possible on the employees first day back at work after illness (in some cases the interview must take place before the employee is allowed back to their usual work location), and signed by both manager and employee.


Termination of employment (long term sick) letter template

This action should only be taken once all other options have been explored, medical information has been sought (via Occupational Health and/or the employees GP), and medical assessments support this outcome


Weekly timesheet form template

It is important to track employee time to ensure good standards are maintained and employees are abiding by Company policies. It also helps to manage productivity and budgets (where there is overtime worked, for example).

This is a simple to use template that helps you and your employees to record and monitor weekly hours worked.

FREE Weekly timesheet form template
Management template pack

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Flexible working documents

Flexible working is a way of working that suits an employee’s needs, for example having flexible start and finish times, or working from home

Investigation documents

Undertaking an investigation will often be required as part of a disciplinary or grievance process

Performance Improvement Plan documents

A performance improvement plan (PIP) is a tool to give an employee with performance issues the opportunity to succeed

Employee referencing documents

References are an incredibly important factor of recruitment for one main reason; they validate (or not) what the candidate has put on their CV and told you during selection