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Job description form

Recruitment and Selection > Job creation

Job funding request form

Recruitment and Selection > Job creation

Lone working arrangement checklist

Managing People > Health and Safety

Maternity leave notification form

Used by the EMPLOYEE to notify the employer that they are pregnant and when they will commence Maternity Leave, giving options covering what Ordinary Maternity Leave (OML) and Additional Maternity Leave (AML) they will be taking, and whether they will be using any of their holiday entitlement at the beginning or end of the Maternity Leave period.

Managing People > Parental

Medical declaration form

All new employees (including those changing roles) should complete a medical declaration form prior to commencing employment. This process enables new starters to declare any health condition or disability which may affect their ability to do the job they have been offered. The form may be used in order to accommodate any disability or impairment which a candidate has declared.

Adjustments may include physical adaptations, or adjustments to working arrangements such as hours. Where the candidate has answers ‘Yes’ to any of the questions in the declaration, you might want to also involve an Occupational Health Service (OHS) who may provide further advice.

Managing People > General

Medical report consent form

Managing People > Absence and Leave

New employee announcement memo

Use this document to inform the company of a new arrival.

Managing People > Employee Communication

New starter personal details form

Recruitment and Selection > Induction

Person specification form

Recruitment and Selection > Job creation

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing consent form

Recruitment and Selection > Offers and new contracts

Pre-employment medical questionnaire form

Employees starting jobs that involve work with hazards (eg sensitising chemicals, allergens etc) or safety-critical activities (eg night work, driving a vehicle etc) must complete and return the new starter medical questionnaire before commencing employment. This questionnaire collects specific job-related information about a post, and relevant health information about the new starter. This information is then assessed by OHS advisers who can: 

(i) assess the candidate's medical capability to do the job for which they have applied: this will include assessing whether there are any statutory and legal reasons why an individual may not carry out particular work: for example, health and safety regulations would mean that a candidate with epilepsy would not be allowed to undertake a post involving driving; and 

(ii) provide advice to departments to ensure that none of the role's duties will adversely affect any pre-existing health conditions the candidate has declared.

Recruitment and Selection > Offers and new contracts

Probation review

This serves as a guide to some of the areas which may require clarification to foster a conclusive evaluation of performance since the appointment of an individual to a particular position.

This is a two way interview where both parties must fully express themselves and ensure that the other gains a clear and understanding of what is being said.

Understanding whether the employee fits in to the culture of the organisation is vital, so it is recommended that an assessment of their performance against Core Values is also reviewed.

Recruitment and Selection > Probation

Redundancy selection criteria matrix

Complete and send this to all meeting attendees ideally a week before the meeting takes place.

Contract Termination > Redundancy

Reference request to previous employer form

Recruitment and Selection > Referencing

Retirement checklist - to employee

Contract Termination > Retirement

Return to work interview form

Used as part of good absence policy, this form is used to record a brief interview with an employee returning from any period of sick absence to suggest ways in which the employer can help, or if the employee needs any support.

Managing People > Absence and Leave

Settlement Agreement

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts which can be used to end an employment relationship on agreed terms. They can also be used to resolve an ongoing workplace dispute, for example, a dispute over holiday pay. These agreements can be proposed by either an employer or an employee, although it will normally be the employer.

Once a valid settlement agreement has been signed, the employee will be unable to make an employment tribunal claim about any type of claim which is listed on the agreement.

Where the employer and employee are unable to reach an agreement, the settlement discussions cannot usually be referred to as evidence in any subsequent unfair dismissal claim. Where the settlement discussions are held to resolve an existing dispute between the parties they cannot be used as evidence in any type of claim.

Contract Termination > Other termination

Successful candidate appointment form

This form should be completed once the successful candidate has been identified and a verbal offer made (referring to the guidance notes where applicable).

Recruitment and Selection > Offers and new contracts

Suggestion scheme memo - for line manager

Managing People > Employee Communication

Suggestion scheme memo - for suggestion box

Managing People > Employee Communication
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