Employment letter templates

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Disciplinary appeal hearing invitation letter

Used to inform an employee of the date and time of an appeal meeting.

Disciplinary appeal hearing result confirmation letter

Used to inform an employee of the outcome of an appeal hearing, whether that be dismissal, disciplinary action, no further action etc.

Disciplinary hearing invitation letter

Used to inform an employee that the employer is considering taking disciplinary action against them, and to ask them to attend a meeting to discuss the matter..

Disciplinary hearing result confirmation letter

Dismissal confirmation (following previous warnings)

Used to confirm the decision taken at a disciplinary hearing to dismiss an employee, specifically after the employee has been previously warned.

Drug testing introduction memo

Employee training opportunity

Exit interview invitation letter

The purpose of an exit interview is to assess the overall employee experience within your organisation and identify opportunities to improve retention and engagement.

Use this letter to invite an employee to the exit interview. Dont leave the interview to the last day of service because the employee will be completely disengaged at that point.

Final written warning confirmation

Final written warning confirmation (lateness)

First written warning confirmation

First written warning confirmation (lateness)

Flexible working request acceptance letter

A letter from an employer agreeing to a request for flexible working or confirming agreement to an alternative working pattern.

Flexible working request acknowledgement letter

This letter is to notify the employee that their flexible working request has been received and that a meeting will be set up to discuss it with the employee. This must be completed within 28 days of receipt of the employee's application. 

Flexible working request rejection letter

Use this letter to inform an employee that their request for flexible working has been rejected. Note, this letter should only be used if the employer is rejecting the employee's request and any alternatives that were raised at the meeting with the employee. 

Grievance appeal hearing invitation letter

Grievance appeal hearing outcome confirmation letter

Grievance decision appeal letter

Grievance hearing decision confirmation letter

Grievance hearing invitation letter