Employment letter templates

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Maternity leave notification letter

Used by the EMPLOYEE to notify the employer that they are pregnant and when they will commence Maternity Leave, and requesting whether they are entitled to Maternity Pay.

Maternity leave return to work notification letter

Used by the EMPLOYEE to give notice that they will be returning to work as planned.

Maternity leave return to work reminder letter

Used by the EMPLOYER as a reminder to the employee to confirm whether they will be returning to work as planned, or not.

Medical report letter to GP

Medical report request to employee

Used where an employee has been on a long period of sick absence, so that the employer can explain what steps they are now taking to help the employee back to fitness to work. The letter explains that the employer wishes to write to the employees GP for guidance on their expected return to work and what adjustments (if any) they need to make.

Meeting agenda

Complete and send this to all meeting attendees ideally a week before the meeting takes place.

Notice of a dispute

This form should be completed by an employee / trade union, to register that a dispute exists. It should be handed to the Manager of the Department where the disagreement has arisen. A copy should also be sent to the Director with responsibility for that Department.

Notice of possible redundancies letter

Used as part of the redundancy consultation process, this is a detailed letter that informs the employee of future consultation meetings and also explains the reasons why the company is considering redundancies.

Notification of confidentialty agreement (to employees new company)

Notification of first performance improvement meeting

Use this template to arrange the first formal performance improvement meeting after previous informal discussions have not produced any progress.

Notification of no bonus payable

Notification of promotion

Notification of retirement from employee

Notification of salary increase letter

Use this letter to confirm that their salary has increased, and remind them of their obligations to not share the information with other employees.

Notification of second performance improvement meeting

Notification of third performance improvement meeting

Offer of employment letter

This document is used where the Company wishes to offer employment terms to a new member of staff.

Offer of suitable alternative employment

Use this letter to offer alternative employment to an employee whose job has been identified as redundant.

Offer of work experience or internship letter

This document is used where the Company wishes to offer unpaid work. It acts as a welcome and also details the job title and start date.

Outcome of facilitation meeting

 Use this letter to confirm the outcome of a facilitation exercise between two employees who's work relationship has declined as a 'working contract' between the two parties.