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File note form

Managing People > Disciplinary

Grievance notification form

Used by an employee to prepare a grievance notification. Can be used standalone, or with the Grievance Letter.

Managing People > Grievance

Hiring managers recruitment checklist

A simple checklist of what is involved in the recruitment process from preparing a job description and person specification, advertising the vacancy, carrying out an interview process and making an offer of employment.

Recruitment and Selection > Interviewing

Individual Stress Risk Assessment

Managing People > Health and Safety

Induction program checklist form

This document is used as a checklist to record key stages of a new employee commencing work with a Company, such as meeting key staff, completing important documentation or contracts, and understanding Company/department value

Recruitment and Selection > Induction

Interview record form - basic

This form should be used to record the outcomes of the interview and the reasons for the appointment decisions made. THe document includes guidance to aid decision-making.

Recruitment and Selection > Interviewing

Interview record form - questions specified

Recruitment and Selection > Interviewing

Investigation plan

Use this form to determine the arragements for the investigation, including the issues to be explored, who is involved and the target date.

Managing People > Investigations

Investigation report

This is a template investigation report that an investigator may adapt to suit the particular circumstances of their investigation.

Managing People > Investigations

Job advert wording form

This is a simple template to help create a job advertisement. 

Recruitment and Selection > Job creation

Job description form

Recruitment and Selection > Job creation

Job funding request form

Recruitment and Selection > Job creation

Lone working arrangement checklist

Managing People > Health and Safety

Maternity leave notification form

Used by the EMPLOYEE to notify the employer that they are pregnant and when they will commence Maternity Leave, giving options covering what Ordinary Maternity Leave (OML) and Additional Maternity Leave (AML) they will be taking, and whether they will be using any of their holiday entitlement at the beginning or end of the Maternity Leave period.

Managing People > Parental

Medical declaration form

All new employees (including those changing roles) should complete a medical declaration form prior to commencing employment. This process enables new starters to declare any health condition or disability which may affect their ability to do the job they have been offered. The form may be used in order to accommodate any disability or impairment which a candidate has declared.

Adjustments may include physical adaptations, or adjustments to working arrangements such as hours. Where the candidate has answers ‘Yes’ to any of the questions in the declaration, you might want to also involve an Occupational Health Service (OHS) who may provide further advice.

Managing People > General

Medical report consent form

Managing People > Absence and Leave

New employee announcement memo

Use this document to inform the company of a new arrival.

Managing People > Employee Communication

New starter personal details form

Recruitment and Selection > Induction

Person specification form

Recruitment and Selection > Job creation

Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing consent form

Recruitment and Selection > Offers and new contracts
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