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A handy guide to good meeting etiquette

A meeting is as successful as the positive contributions of its members. There are various ways you can contribute in a meeting, sometimes in a formal way (as Chair or minute-taker) and many informal ways through speaking, summarising, guiding a small discussion or asking questions to clarify what you have heard. Here are some practical steps to a meeting which can make a difference, some ‘quick wins’ to ensure that your attendance/contribution is professional and a box of ‘handy hints’ to bring them all together.

Managing People > Employee Communication

A handy guide to good office etiquette

Why is office etiquette important? Because bad manners at work can be bad for business by negatively affecting employee morale and productivity.

This guide shows a good way of working, every employee (not just management) should act as a role model by showing respect for their colleagues and demonstrating the following professional standards:

Managing People > Employee Communication

Absence control guide

This guide covers both managing long and short-term sickness and tries to uncover the real reasons why people are absent from work. It will help you develop an action plan based upon:

  • having the difficult conversation with an employee when they return to work
  • looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees developing an overall approach to absence by linking attendance to job design, good employment relations, health and safety, flexible working and effective disciplinary procedures.
Managing People > Absence and Leave

Guide to complying with TUPE

Contract Termination > TUPE

Guide to transferring staff IN on TUPE

Contract Termination > TUPE

Guide to transferring staff OUT on TUPE

Contract Termination > TUPE

Induction guide

Recruitment and Selection > Induction

Induction guide - line manager responsibilities

This document is used for guidance for line managers to work through an induction process for new members of staff.

Recruitment and Selection > Induction

Performance development review

This is a complete guide for an appraiser and how to use performance development reviews in practice. This guide details preparation, from setting up the environment, to what questions to ask and how to record the process.

Managing People > Performance Development Reviews

Performance development review - appraisers checklist

This document is a quick checklist for an appraiser and what they need to do in practice to make a Performance Development Review a success.

Managing People > Performance Development Reviews

Performance improvement plans

This guidance is designed to assist managers to encourage employees to achieve and maintain standards of job performance. Managers shoudl ensure consistent and fair treatment for all and to assist any employee who is considered to be experiencing difficulties in performing satisfactorily the duties required of the post to which they were appointed.

This guidance provides managers with a framework to improve an employees performance in the workplace.

Managing People > Performance Improvement

Recruitment and selection guide

Recruitment and Selection > Interviewing

Redundancy consultation pack

This pack should be issued to employees at the start of the redundancy consultation process. It explains the redundancy process from start to finish, and also includes the most frequently asked questions with answers.

This gives the employee something to refer back to after the initial redundancy warning meeting and prevents a barrage of questions to the managers.

Contract Termination > Redundancy

Redundancy selection criteria assessment guidelines

Contract Termination > Redundancy

Redundancy selection matrix scoring guide

Contract Termination > Redundancy