Employment letter templates

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Resignation notification from employee

Response to reference request

Retirement thank you and gift letter

Settlement Agreement letter

This is a standard Settlement Agreement containing redundancy specific wording, to protect the employer against claims of unfair dismissal when terminating an employment contract.

This letter is issued in conjunction with the Settlement Agreement template.

Settlement Agreement proposal letter

This is a standard letter which can be used where there has been previous or there is ongoing disciplinary or performance management actions and the Company would like to enter discussions with the employee about ending their employment relationship.

This introduces a Settlement Agreement (previously known as a Compromise Agreement).

Successful end of trial period confirmation

 This letter confirms to an employee whose job was made redundant that a trial period in a new job has been successful.

Suspension confirmation letter

This letter is used to confirm an employees suspension while a disciplinary investigation takes place.

Sympathy letter (accident)

Sympathy letter (employee in hospital)

Sympathy letter - employee in hospital

Sympathy letter - illness

Termination of employment (less than 2 years service)

Termination of employment after long term sickness

This action should only be taken once all other options have been explored, medical information has been sought (via Occupational Health and/or the employees GP), and medical assessments support this outcome

Termination of employment during probation

TUPE consultation letter (to employee representative)

Tis letter should be sent to elected employee representatives or representatives of a recognised trade union to explain their role and duties when a transfer takes place under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006.

TUPE Information consent (to employee)

On a TUPE transfer, the transferor is obliged to notify to the transferee in writing the “employee liability information” of any employee who is assigned to the undertaking that is the subject of the transfer. Our letter enables the transferee to formally request this information in advance from the transferor.

Unauthorised absence first letter

Unauthorised absence second letter

Unauthorised absence third letter

Verbal warning confirmation (excessive absenteeism)

Used to inform an employee of the first stage of the disciplinary process due to them being absent on a high number of occasions.