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Recruitment and Selection


Application acknowledgement Application acknowledgement - no suitable vacancies Application acknowledgement - no suitable graduate opportunities Application acknowledgement - recruitment on hold Application acknowledgement - unable to contact applicant Employment application form


Induction guide Induction guide - line manager responsibilities Induction program checklist form New starter personal details form


Candidate shortlist record form Hiring managers recruitment checklist Interview invitation letter Interview record form and guidance notes Interview record form with questions and scoring Recruitment and selection guide Rejection after interview - other candidate qualifications more closely matched Rejection after interview - other candidate skills or background more closely matched Rejection after interview - reason not specified Rejection before interview - other candidate qualifications more closely matched Rejection before interview - reason not specified

Job creation

Job advert wording form Job description form Job funding request form Person specification form

Offers and new contracts

Apprenticeship agreement Company welcome letter Company welcome letter - with relocation expenses Confidential information and non-solicitation clause Confidentialty agreement Conflict of interest declaration form Contract of Employment Offer of employment letter Offer of work experience or internship letter Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing consent form Pre-employment medical questionnaire form Successful candidate appointment form Working time opt out agreement Zero hours contract


Probation review Probationary period complete letter Probationary period extension after previous meeting Probationary period extension letter Termination of employment - during probation


Reference: acknowledgement of receipt from previous employer Reference: declaration of consent from ex-employee Reference: request for reference from previous employer (form) Reference: request for reference from previous employer (letter)

Managing People

Absence and Leave

Absence control guide Agreement to allow anticipation of annual leave Annual holiday request form Authorised leave request form - not holiday Invite to Long-Term Absence Review Meeting Medical report consent form Medical report letter to GP Medical report request to employee Poor attendance caution letter Return to work interview form Sympathy letter - accident Sympathy letter - accident - employee in hospital Sympathy letter - employee in hospital Sympathy letter - illness Termination of employment - long term sickness Unauthorised absence first letter Unauthorised absence second letter Unauthorised absence third letter Weekly timesheet


Changes to terms and conditions of employment letter Confirmation of transfer Employee details change form


Disciplinary appeal hearing invitation letter Disciplinary appeal hearing result confirmation letter Disciplinary hearing invitation letter Disciplinary hearing result confirmation letter Dismissal confirmation - following previous warnings Dismissal confirmation - gross misconduct Dismissal confirmation -gross misconduct - intoxication File note form Final written warning confirmation Final written warning confirmation - lateness First written warning confirmation First written warning confirmation - lateness Letter of concern Suspension confirmation letter Verbal warning confirmation - excessive absenteeism Verbal warning confirmation - excessive lateness Verbal warning confirmation - general

Employee Communication

Good email etiquette Good meeting etiquette Good office etiquette New employee announcement memo Outcome of facilitation meeting Recognition award congratulatory letter Suggestion scheme memo - for line manager Suggestion scheme memo - for suggestion box

Flexible Working

Flexible working request Flexible working request acceptance letter Flexible working request acknowledgement letter Flexible working request rejection letter


Medical declaration form Meeting agenda


Grievance appeal hearing invitation letter Grievance appeal hearing outcome confirmation letter Grievance decision appeal letter Grievance hearing decision confirmation letter Grievance hearing invitation letter Grievance notification form Grievance notification letter Notice of a dispute

Health and Safety

Drug testing introduction memo Individual Stress Risk Assessment Lone working arrangement checklist


Investigation plan Investigation report Invitation to investigation meeting


Acknowledgement of maternity leave - eligible for Maternity Pay Acknowledgement of maternity leave - not eligible for Maternity Pay Acknowledgement of notification of adoption leave Maternity leave notification form Maternity leave notification letter Maternity leave return to work notification letter Maternity leave return to work reminder letter Paternity pay confirmation letter

Pay and Benefits

Agreement to deduct from pay Coronavirus (COVID-19) example procedure Death benefit nomination form Deduction from salary form Loan repayment agreement Notification of salary increase letter P45 replacement Pension contribution increase letter

Performance Development Reviews

Performance development review Performance development review - appraisers checklist Performance development review - letter of commendation

Performance Improvement

Notification of first performance improvement meeting Notification of second performance improvement meeting Notification of third performance improvement meeting Outcome of second performance improvement meeting - no further action Outcome of third performance improvement meeting - no further action Performance improvement plans


Employee training opportunity Notification of promotion Professional development session invitation Training cost repayment agreement Training evaluation and feedback form


Other termination

Exit interview form Invitation to exit interview Letter warning former employee to cease using confidential information Notification of confidentialty agreement - to employees new company Resignation acceptance confirmation Resignation notification from employee Settlement Agreement Settlement Agreement proposal letter Termination of employment - less than 2 years service


Confirmation of redundancy letter Invitation to first redundancy consultation meeting Notice of possible redundancies letter Redundancy consultation pack Redundancy selection criteria assessment guidelines Redundancy selection criteria matrix Redundancy selection matrix scoring guide - performance Redundancy: confirmation of end of trial period Redundancy: offer of suitable alternative employment Redundancy: Settlement Agreement letter


Reference: confirmation of completion of reference form from new employer Reference: response to request from new employer


Notification of retirement - from employee Retirement checklist - to employee Retirement thank you and gift letter


Confirmation of TUPE transfer letter - to employee Confirmation of TUPE transfer letter - to employee representative Guide to complying with TUPE Guide to transferring staff IN on TUPE Guide to transferring staff OUT on TUPE Incoming employer TUPE welcome letter Outgoing employer TUPE goodbye letter TUPE Consultation letter - to employee representative TUPE Information consent - to employee

Employee Handbook

Absence and attendance

Annual leave Attendance at work Holidays Leave of Absence Sickness Absence Time off for dependants Timekeeping Unauthorised Absence


Alcohol and Drugs Conduct Whilst on Company Business Conflict of interest Disciplinary policy Dress and Appearance Electronic and Telephonic Communications Grievance policy Personal Relationships At Work Standards of performance and behaviour at work Use of Company Equipment


Changes in personal information for employment purposes Hours of work Statement of terms and conditions of employment

Equal opportunities

Dignity at work Equal opportunities policy Valuing diversity

Expenses, travel, gifts and memberships

Business travel Gifts From Clients or Suppliers Reimbursement of Expenses Relocation Trade union membership

Health and safety

Coronavirus (COVID-19) company policy Fire safety First aid Health and safety policy Introduction to General Health and Safety Lone working Personal safety Procedure in the event of an accident Smoking Working Time Regulations


Company background Introduction to The Employee Handbook

Leaving the company

Notice periods Other conditions on leaving Retirement Working notice

Parental and flexibility

Flexible working Maternity leave and pay Parental leave Paternity leave and pay

Pay and benefits

Income tax Notification of no bonus payable Overtime Pension scheme Salary arrangements Sickness pay provision

Security and information

Criminal records checks General Data Protection Regulations - GDPR Right to Search

Training and development

Induction Performance development review Performance improvement Probationary period Training and development